Silvera Karate Jitsu

13101 Eckles Rd. Suite 208

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Contact Person: Oscar Silvera
Phone: 734-447-3000
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Learn effective street-proofing and life skills in an supportive and fun environment. Emphasis is placed on developing balance, coordination, respect, self-esteem and self-discipline

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The Silvera Karate Students learn a great Curriculum - combining the most effective and best of the martial arts in structured, disciplined, and exciting training classes. 

Our exclusive training curriculum includes the best disciplines; sport and self-defense (jutsu)

In Sport Karate: students will learn the dynamic, active WKF competition training techniques and rules of WKF Olympic Karate Fitness with strategic technical and tactical skills have propelled this program based on the latest research and up-to-date WKF training techniques.

In Karate Jitsu: students will learn the original defensive applications that are covered by our style of Karate. These bring elements of ground fighting, joint locking, and throwing as well as the punching and kicking methods. This program also includes advanced specialty classes focusing on reality-based weapon defenses (stick, gun, and knife), and mixed martial arts.

Located in: Plymouth